Expert Author Linda Hancock
Tonight i used to be watching the favored television program "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" and commenced thinking that it might be great if life was like this.

Imagine what it might be wish to have everyone reception or work clap and cheer once you answer an easy question. The lights would flash and therefore the music rise during a crescendo. you'd smile, wave and bow to the audience knowing that you simply were appreciated which everyone truly wanted you to succeed.

Then, when there's an issue that you simply aren't sure about, you'd merely poll those within the room and trust that the proper answer is that the one that has the bulk vote. you'd be ready to trust this because you recognize needless to say that everybody is sincerely trying to assist you.

At times, you would possibly plan to phone a lover from the extensive list of experts who you've got at your disposal. These are people that have spent their lives gathering knowledge that they're just waiting to share with you.

You might need to use an honest decision-making strategy of eliminating half the answers and narrowing things right down to two choices - one among which is correct. Don't worry; you'll talk aloud as you are trying to reason through to the proper answer.

The best a part of the millionaire life game would be that within thirty minutes you'll rise from your present financial status to wealth!

Well, life is different from this. Not everyone will encourage you and a few might even want to ascertain you fail. The people around you always don't clap and cheer once you answer an easy question (in fact, they rarely do that once you are truly brilliant). The music doesn't play and therefore the lights don't flash.

The people around you would possibly not have an opinion including the proper answer to a drag and once you phone a lover for help the chances are high that you simply will get voice mail.

Instead of investing thirty minutes of your life into becoming wealthy, you'll likely work for thirty years - then likely enjoy a typical of living almost like the one you had the entire time. Yes, "Who wants to be a Millionaire" may be a giveaway that doesn't really parallel real world .

BUT...if you've got a lover to phone, a support group that encourages you, some good decision-making skills and how to earn an honest living then you actually are a winner already. You see, being rich really has nothing to try to to with the quantity of cash in your checking account . It's about all the opposite things that are featured on the show.

And, if you actually want to possess some fun, why not clap and cheer subsequent time a lover or loved one comes up with an honest answer. You never know - you would possibly start an entire new trend!


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